Optimize for Older Adults, Part 1: Layout, Format, Text

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11 Jul Optimize for Older Adults, Part 1: Layout, Format, Text

To make your website user senior-friendly it is important to determine age-related factors that influence seniors’ interaction with technology. In this 3-part series, we explore example-based optimisations that you can make to your website to boost usage by older adults! This part investigates the use of formatting, layout, and text to aid inclusivity, especially for older adults. 

The prominent hindrance to ease of internet use for seniors is diminished vision. With age, eye tissue deteriorates resulting in the development of conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Reading small text, as well as differentiating between compact sections prove to be a task. Designers must make careful decision choices when it comes to the formatting and layout used in your website or application. 

Traditional in-person services are now switching to e-services. Online banking is an important skill for one to know, in today’s world. This is why we have picked the HSBC India website as an example, to help you understand senior-friendly design. This website is used by hundreds, if not thousands, on a daily basis and analysis of its UI/UX will give key insight into achieving sophisticated and detail-oriented optimisation.

Design choices made by HSBC India that contribute to a senior-friendly platform – 

Design choices made by HSBC India that do not contribute to a senior-friendly platform – 

Design parameters for the layout, format, and text used are established from goals that are mainly derived from the visual impairments that older citizens experience with age. Increasing readability helps the user gain enough information and receive the required information to use your platform. Readability is essential to the correct usage, navigation, and task completion. Another goal is to improve the organisation of information and subsequently make it easy to differentiate between sections. This will enable the user to categorise information presented, enable a smooth user-flow, and navigation, and help them find the areas of the platform they wish to utilise. 

Are you interested in this field? Begin adopting a senior-friendly layout, format and text to refine the UI/UX for older adults. Let’s start a conversation – contact us now!

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