Optimise for Older Adults, Part 2: Colour, Clickables, Media

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13 Jul Optimise for Older Adults, Part 2: Colour, Clickables, Media

Are you wondering how you can upgrade your platform’s colour scheme and media to make it senior-friendly? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this part of the Data Duck’s 3-part series which explores example-based optimisations to improve inclusivity for older adults, we will analyse visual elements and their effect on the ease of use by seniors. 

As one ages, many physiological and psychological changes take place which prove to be obstacles to the adoption and correct utilisation of online services. Yellowing of the eye lens makes it harder for seniors to distinguish between blues, greens, and violets.  Pupil shrinkage results in the requirement for more light and a diminished ability to adjust to changes in light levels. Mobility issues caused due to diseases such as Arthritis and Parkison’s can serve as a hindrance to completing simple tasks such as clicking. Additionally, cognitive decline with age makes it difficult for individuals to differentiate between clickables, links, and media. In order to make your platforms senior-friendly, it is important to take these into consideration during UI/UX design. 

We have chosen to continue the analysis of the HSBC India website to provide an in-depth investigation of their design choices. This will allow you to adopt holistic design optimisation practices to make your platforms senior-friendly. Here, we have analysed the section of the home page that is visible on scrolling further down. 

Design choices made by HSBC India that contribute to a senior-friendly platform –

Design choices made by HSBC India that do not contribute to a senior-friendly platform – 

Colour schemes can be used to encourage the platform’s inclusivity by reducing the strain on the users eyes, reducing visual distractions and increasing readability, which makes viewing your platform a more comfortable experience for visually impaired audiences. Choosing relevant media makes it easier for users to identify functionality, objectives, and other important information on your platform. To boost the ease of navigation and efficiency of task-completion, making clickable links and buttons easily identifiable is imperative. 

Are you interested in this field? Begin adopting senior-friendly colour schemes, clickables and media to refine the UI/UX for older adults. Let’s start a conversation – contact us now! 

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