How we crafted a tech platform to help against violence

2020 was a tough year for businesses everywhere. I committed to not laying off staff although we didn't have enough projects to occupy them.

We focused on upskilling and took on one low-bono project that changed our lives forever.

We built a platform as a service product for Red Dot Foundation-Safecity, founded by my connection alchemist ElsaMarie D'Silva. It crowdsources data on violence globally and adds to the commons. Policymakers, police, community groups and researchers can access this data to take preventative measures and make cities safer.

The platform as a service model allows policing organisations, mayors and impact groups looking at reducing violence to subscribe and get their own reporting, data management visualisation ecosystem. This dramatically reduces costs - why build individual tech silos that are expensive? Why bog down organisational mind space? Instead, subscribe & benefit from access to global data while keeping your data private if required.

By creating this platform, Red Dot Foundation and Safecity can potentially create sustainable revenue. They can focus on impact. Safecity and Red Dot Foundation impacts at the grassroots and global strategic levels. They have a seat at the UN.

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