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Why The Data Duck?

When designing The Data Duck’s UX practice is guided by the invisible hand of data: information about what works and what doesn’t. Features that look good on paper may end up being impractical or confusing, preventing users from achieving their desired outcomes. Failing to consider data, or using data in an ineffective way, can have serious implications for the success of a project.

Our Process

Phase 1. Project Kickoff and Preliminary Research

  • Customer Satisfaction

    A meaningful, intuitive user experience design allows you to craft user journeys that are in sync with business goals and its strategic growth map. It also increases user conversion.

  • Brand Loyalty

    Seamless, pleasurable user experience promotes user interaction with the brand, translating into brand recognition and loyalty.

  • Better SEO

    Search engines are champions of great user experience. The better your UX design, the higher your rating in organic search results and Google Adwords results.

What do we do?
  • Send you a website or mobile app thinkathon
  • Identify target users and their needs
  • Understand your brand
  • Competitor analysis
What you need to do:
  • Workshop things with us
  • Define business goals
  • Share brand guidelines
  • Help us create a project roadmap

We analyze competitors, research the latest UX trends in your niche and create a detailed project roadmap with estimations for efforts, goals, detailed scope of work, research and design timelines, feature list, and budget. This ensures a smooth journey working together and a clear direction towards achieving our milestones.

Estimated time:

7 working days

Phase 2. Sitemap, User Journeys and Wireframes

Aim: Translating your goals into a tactical plan
What do we do
  • Create a site map

    Sitemap created by The Data Duck describes the relations between the main areas of your website. Such representation helps you understand how usable the final product will be. The main reason behind the sitemap creation is to build a human-friendly and easy to navigate your website or app.

  • Define user journeys

    We discuss various user scenarios and define the different goals they can have while using your product. We then create the action paths they would take to achieve these goals.

  • Sketching wireframes

    This is an easy way to visualise our ideas and create different solutions for the problems we intend to address with your product. It also helps us understand the evolution of the product and understand each other’s processes better.

What you need to do:
  • Identify the different problems your product needs to solve
  • Share all information you can about your brand, target user and other materials such as images
  • Sign off on the project plan and sitemap

Clear goals and direction set before we behind UI design and development.

Estimated time

1 to 5 weeks

Phase 3. Wireframe prototyping

Aim: To refine the user flows defined in the previous step and start visual design
What do we do?
  • Prototyping

    When we have a good idea of the main structure of the application, we build low fidelity wireframes and prototypes to create a skeleton on the final product.

  • Empathy

    UX designers understand how all of the pages fit together holistically, while never overlooking at the microscopic level how each page functions in helping people meet the users’ goals.

What you need to do:
  • Finalise the user journeys and screen-flow.
  • Help us modify and improve our UX decisions based on user feedback

An established structure for the product along with clear creative direction.

Estimated time

1-3 weeks

Phase 4. Visual design, Internal testing and iterations

Aim: Design to provide the most pleasant and efficient experience for the end user
What do we do?
  • Creative Direction

    We start by creating a moodboard and creative direction for the project to make sure the user experience aligns visually with the personality of your brand. Our design is based on a keen understanding of your product requirements and insight into user psychology of your key audience.

  • Best design choices

    This is where the product finally starts to take its shape and you can experience all of its features. At this stage we decide how to make each process as smooth as possible while ensuring the app or website serves its purpose.

  • Finalise look and feel

    The creative direction is implemented in a few different ways to understand what works best for your product.

  • Detailed design

    Each screen is designed to be pixel perfect with features and animations specially designed to ensure your product stands out in the market. These are then prototyped in adobe XD for you to easily experience and review. We create a few iterations of these designs based on your reviews.

What you need to do:
  • Sign off on the creative direction
  • Review designs and provide feedback for improvements
  • Give an approval on the final visual layouts and colours

A finished visual design that is ready for messaging.

Estimated time

2-3 weeks

Phase 5. Messaging and copy

Aim: Create striking copy that makes sure your product reaches the right people
What do we do:
  • We create clear communication that builds your brand and markets your product to your target audience
  • This is one of the most underrated part of the UX process and is crucial to determining the right experience for the end user
  • We ensure that the copy is empathetic to the situation of the end user when they reach for your app/website
What you need to do:
  • Guide us in conveying your brand message through the copy

Compelling communication that is easy to understand. The Data Duck writes User Experience copy for digital devices and behaviour.

Estimated time

1-2 weeks

Phase 6. User Testing and Review

Aim: To ensure efficiency and accuracy of the product designed

What do we do?
  • UX design cannot work in isolation. After development, our designs are tested to ensure they are usable, easy-to-use for the consumer, and flexible and adaptable. We also test if they solve user problems, and build product credibility. Any areas that need improvement are then revisited before the product is handed over to you.
  • Deploy the product for user testing so that we are empowered with real world feedback.
  • The Data Duck testing team tests every form, every script, use spell-checking software to find possible typos.
What do you do?

Test the app/website along with us keeping the user in mind.


A polished product that provides a smooth user experience.

Estimated time

1-2 weeks

Never Design Blind

Read more about Data Driven Design process at The Data Duck.

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  • Data-led Design

  • Awe-inspiring Experiences

  • Deep Analysis

  • Sound Principles

  • Design x Data x Behavioural science

What They Say About Us

Jeremy Coller

Chairman, Coller Capital

When the success of your product hinges on having a great user experience, the only option is to work with...

I’ve seen founders struggle to hire great designers and UX consultants because of the fierce competition. When the success of your product hinges on having a great user experience, the only option is to work with a specialist UX agency. But many good UX design companies who do excellent work fly under the radar and get new projects only through word of mouth. The Data Duck is one such firm.

Paul Symon

Director, Defense Intelligence organization

Ritu David crafted digital products that aided critical decision making at the highest levels of government...

Ritu David crafted digital products that aided critical decision making at the highest levels of government. We respect her aptitude as a data scientist and who understands human behaviour on digital platforms and thank her for her contribution.

Alex Tew

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Calm App

Ritu and her team ran product sprints with us and co-created our GTM version of the Calm website.

Ritu and her team ran product sprints with us and co-created our GTM version of the Calm website. Their design sensibilities and strong understanding of human behaviour played a large role in the success of our product. While we have grown into having our own teams, we reach out to Ritu as a consultant from time to time. She has been part of our product design journey from the beginning.

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