The problems

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Sports academies and fitness clubs struggle to improve their own performance and capability as businesses, while they are absolutely adept at doing this for athletes.

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The Administration of many academies is partially analogue and partially digital. This is a costly affair ridden with errors.

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Athletes were unable to get a comprehensive analysis of their progress as their history and performance notes were stored in text based silos.

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Infrastructure and coaches were underutilized and no predictive analytics were used to unearth trends, co-relations and causations and project future patterns.

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Frustrating experience for members and students. Communications were in several different places. Bookings were called in or made on a web portal. Feedback was received partially in person, part in reports and partially by WhatsApp. Meal plans were emailed. Payments were made offline or through a payment portal. These didn't always reflect in real-time.

Our Solution

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Strong Relationship

Design a platform that enables efficiency in operations and helps the centre build effective relationships with clients and future customers.

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Operational Efficiency

An admin panel and dashboard that allowed academies to digitise administration completely. This ensures smooth operations and low human error.


Optimising Asset Utilisation

Smart algorithms that predict underutilization times, enabling academies to be proactive and take measures to optimise their asset utilization.


Performance Management

A time series performance management system and dashboard along with lesson card based feedback that helps athletes understand their journey.


Seamless User Experience

UX Research and A/B Testing allowed us to create a seamless user experience that eliminated pain points and friction in the administrative process, allowing athletes to focus on their skills.

Business Impact


Fitbooks is a leading SaaS player in the fitness space. Academies that subscribed to Fitbooks have enjoyed a reduction in cost and an uptick in revenue.

Ajay Pudiyokkada

CEO, Fit Books Global

The Data Duck's methodology has greatly helped us in getting Fitbooks to where it is today. The UX sprint and design thinking workshop set the tone for our product. The UI/UX done by Anis and Ashwin is world class. I would recommend The Data Duck unreservedly for design and digital strategy.

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