The problems

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Improve demand forecasting and better understand the impact of fluctuating promotions, a move that will help reduce safety stock inventory.

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Being able to drive revenue and reduce associated costs.

Our Solution

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Utilising Existing Data

The Data Duck utilised the gold mine Coke have in terms of data in SAP.

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Forecasting Demand

We created algorithms to be able to anticipate demand.


Lean Supply Chain

We created mobility solutions for inventory management.


A/B Testing

We started with Karnataka and then moved to Maharashtra and then pan India.

Business Impact

Replenishment Lead Time

We used Inventory management to decouple demand and supply, to buffer variability in demand and supply.


Implementing new planning algorithms significantly reduced the uncertainty (the standard deviation of the demand/supply or forecast error) by 53%, making safety stock unnecessary.


We were also able to reduce replenishment lead time by 34%: with more production of lot size and fast changeovers, the lead time will be reduced significantly


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We utilised the SAP Cloud Platform HANA database. First, we subscribe to the HANA database on a Cloud Platform account.

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Second, we applied Predictive services on CocaCola's Cloud Platform. Our Predictive service on Cloud Platform offered REST-based APIs, which we used in our mobility solutions.

Murad Moheet

Logistics Manager, Coca Cola

The Data Duck was a pleasure to work with. Their team worked onsite and offsite without any communication gaps or deployment issues. Their QA team is particularly impressive.

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