The problems

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Need to increase footfalls and sales in Singapore stores.

Our Solution

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Data Analytics

After combing through the CRM data, we found that women didn’t buy Mont Blanc pen for themselves. This meant that only half of the socioeconomically viable target group actually bought pens – the men. We worked on a campaign that would make more women purchase and use the pen for power.


Data Mining: Finding Micro-influencers Online

Culturally, Singapore is very driven by status, money and conformity. One’s possessions are indicative of one’s capabilities and success. We wanted to create pockets within corporate Singapore where a Mont Blanc pen was a ‘necessity’ for a female professional, as much as it is for a male professional. We ran scripts to find women in powerful positions.


Offline Delight

We invited these women to a ‘Celebrating Women of Power’ event. Each lady was given 3 passes to pass onto her mentees or women she saw on the ‘path to power’. We presented each of the women of power with an entry-level pen, engraved with their initials.

At the event, we had a lot of photo booths. We set up a microsite where all photos were uploaded live. Ladies could share these photos directly from the microsite – ensuring amplification online.


Amplify Online

‘Mont Blanc’ was subtly present in each attendees’ social network, as a brand for the powerful to be associated with. The mentees that the shortlisted women of power invited did most of the social sharing.

Business Impact

Increased revenue

Purchased made by women online and in-store grew by 25-30 per cent in the quarter following the event. We are not certain if any sustained growth took place that can be attributed to our event.

Andreas Boesch

Managing Director, South East Asia

The Data Duck’s ability to sift through data and come up with insights that go through to strategy and execution is unique. They have used the data driven approach for a long time and the impact can be seen. Ritu’s enthusiasm and involvement is unique. She oversaw a lot of the work herself. This is unusual for CEOs but I think it’s a good thing.

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