The problems

01 01

The Monitor on Psychology (the American Psychological Association’s journal) estimates there are 20,000 apps focused on mental health and meditation. How do we stand out from the crowd? How do we get giants of the self-help industry to come on board and associate themselves with Freedom Guru?

Our Solution

01 09

Identifying Opportunites

Design sprint. We ran a 3 day design sprint with Praveen that helped us Identify a market gap: None of the leading apps have content focused on people who seek growth and positive outcomes in all areas of life – from success, finance, and relationships to health and overall well being. Praveen wanted to focus on Freedom.



We found imagery that helped convey Freedom - this imagery set the tone for the brand.


Unique functionalities

We came up with functionalities that helped people track their path to Freedom - a Freedom map.


Gratitude through the Journey

We also incorporated a gratitude journal - to enable people to reflect on their journey.


Smooth user experience

We created a UX that was easy to use and focused on native media players.


Brand reinforcement

Our Visual Design keeps reinforcing the brand - with use of the brand imagery and colour.


Efficient app performance

Our mobile dev team ensured the seamless design experience was realised and enhanced through apps that are efficient & lightweight.


CDN for content delivery

We ensured a seamless experience by employing a CDN to deliver content on the app.


Strong backend structure

Our backend team skillfully created a system that was scalable, robust and prompt.

Business Impact


Self help giant Tony Robbins tested out the app and joined Praveen Kenneth in co-owning the app. He put his name behind the app because he believed in it. Sage Robbins lent her voice to the app.

Praveen Kenneth

Founder, Elohim and Kenneth

The team at The Data Duck, have recently designed and developed a mobile application and website for me, that has been launched globally. In fact, it is the first of its kind from India. The team, under the leadership of Ritu, have done an exemplary job and delivered beyond expectations.

Am truly happy with the commitment of Ritu and her team, and the solid skillset they bring to the table.

The teams continued endeavour to learn, understand , improve and contribute , will surely help them shine brighter, in the years ahead.

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